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"Deeper Than The Diet"


Do you struggle with understanding how to cultivate a healthy relationship food? Has the pandemic fertilized some of your buried experiences bringing your trauma to the surface? Do you feel like a “failure” in your countless attempts to “control” your weight and emotions? We know the ups and downs of getting our health and wellness on track can be exhausting.


Join Certified Nutrition Coach Demetris Chaney Perkins and Certified EMDR Therapist Yunetta Spring as they go on a journey to break ground together. This weekly conversation explores the impact of trauma and its influence on your choices and emotions throughout your wellness journey. 


"Deeper than the Diet" is a real conversation that goes beyond the surface to address the core issues connected to your wellness struggles. Get comfortable in your favorite spot because we are about to get a little uncomfortable. Let’s go "Deeper than the Diet" together.


Deeper than the diet does not substitute a relationship with a nutritionist or therapist. Please consult with your personal professional before implementing any life changes.

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